MOVE Quality initiatives in 2014/2015

MOVE Quality initiatives selected in 2014/2015

Sessões Move (move sessions), Associação CAIS, Portugal

Capacity building and promotion of sports and sports networks, Association of Macedonia Sport Federation, Macedonia

Winter fairy tale, Association Sport for All Serbia, Serbia

Interethnic Cup Bucovina, Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania

Girlsclub, Aston Sports and Community Club, United Kingdom

Increasing the competences of BG BA Sport instructors for health, BG Be Active, Bulgaria

Community Games moving forward, Community Games, Ireland

Beyond languages, transborder relations, CORSCPM, France

Street Agents, DGI, Denmark


Intercultural dialogue and sustainable development through sport and ecology, Gard – Citizens Association for Recreational Movements, Macedonia

Sport Bon-Ton (Traditional Sport and Games), Geostrategic Institute GLOBAL, Macedonia

Open school, Larnaca Municipality, Cyprus

Overall Physical Activity Cup, Latvian Sports for All Association, Latvia

MOVE18, MOVE, Malta

Fair Play Football Road Show, Oltalom Sport Association, Hungary

Weigh to go, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland

Let’s do sport, UBAE foundation, Spain

Le projet senior, un projet de territoire, UFOLEP, France

Below you will find more information on these initiatives.

MOVE Quality

In 2014, MOVE Quality identified 18 initiatives to go through a process that would build the capacity of the organisation and its specific initiative. The 12-month process consisted of a series of development and evaluation phases including researching, evaluating and promoting good practice; creating clear strategies; empowering new generations of leaders and building constructive partnerships.

Initiative: Sessões Move (move sessions)

Organisation: Associação CAIS, Portugal

Target group: Homeless people

Description: Non-formal education sessions using street football to help homeless people develop essential life skills.

Initiative: Capacity building and promotion of sports and sports networks

Organisation: Association of Macedonia Sport Federation, Macedonia

Target group: Children and youth from 7-12 years with a lack of equipment and sports facilities in their regions

Description: A series of panel discussions, workshops and sporting events for youth in Macedonia’s ethnic communities to their raise awareness of the benefits of participating actively in sports activities for their personal development.

Initiative: Winter fairy tale

Organisation: Association Sport for All Serbia, Serbia

Target group: Primary school children

Description: Giving children who have never been outside their city the chance to see the mountains and discover winter sport activities. The activites are designed to help the children socialise, learn about their needs and raise their parents’ and teachers’ awerness of their need for physical activity.

Initiative: Interethnic Cup Bucovina

Organisation: Association Sport for All Suceava, Romania

Target group: Ethnic minorities, immigrants and prisioners

Description: An annual event for minority groups in the Suceava County which demonstrates that their integration in society can be achieved by embracing physical activity and the multi-ethnic traditions and culture of Romania and their local community.

Initiative: Girlsclub

Organisation: Aston Sports and Community Club, United Kingdom

Target group: Girls of South Asian origin from poorer parts of Birmingham

Description: The project offers the target group affordable physical activity programmes in their own community, using StreetGames’ Doorstep Sport principles of delivering activities at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Price and in the Right Style.

Initiative: Increasing the competences of BG BA sport instructors for health

Organisation: BG Be Active, Bulgaria

Target group: Children and young people from 6-18 years

Description: Training for instructors working with the target group to develop the skills and knowledge they need to become certified to implement HEPA programmes in Bulgaria.

Initiative: Community Games Moving Forward

Organisation: Community Games, Ireland

Target group: Ethnic minorities (adults and children) in Limerick City

Description: Training for youth volunteers in intercultural awareness, child protection and sports specific skills to help them organise and deliver activities that engage the target group.

Initiative: Beyond languages

Organisation: CORSCPM, France

Target group: School children who speak one language: French, Catalan or Spanish

Description: Evaluating and enhancing CORSCPM’s annual 5-day cultural and physical activity Pyrénées-Méditerranée meetings for children aged 10-12 years.

Initiative: Street Agents

Organisation: DGI, Denmark

Target group: Youth aged 16-25 years from neighbourhoods across Denmark

Description: A training course to empower youngsters to take on the responsibility of organising regular street soccer activities in their own neighbourhoods.

Initiative: Intercultural dialogue and sustainable development in Macedonia through sport and ecology

Organisation: GARD: Citizens Association for Regional Movements, Macedonia

Target group: Children and young people in rural areas and smaller towns from a low-income background

Description: To establish a network for youth in rural areas to communicate and find a common ground based on recreational sport. The project aims to provide opportunities for the young people to meet, go on camps together and attend training sessions.

Initiative: Sport Bon-Ton

Organisation: Geostrategic Institute GLOBAL, Macedonia

Target group: Children from basic schools aged 9-11 years from all municipalities in the country (10 children from each country and municipality).

Description: The project promotes SPORTS BON-TON (Traditional Sport and Games) as model of integration for children. It uses traditional games as a tool to promote fair play and mutual respect for each others’ traditions and cultures.

Initiative: Open School

Organisation: Larnaca Municipality, Cyprus

Target group: Migrants, foreign children without parental supervision, youth at behavioural risk, unemployed people

Description: Open School gives children the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities in open spaces, school sport facilities and municipality facilities during their free time.

Initiative: Overall Physical Activity Cup

Organisation: Latvian Sport for All Association, Latvia

Target group: Ethnic minorities and low socio-economic groups that can’t afford to pay for organised physical activity programmes. The event is open to age groups from 10-12 years to over 40.

Description: Building on a pilot event which uses friendly competition and free access to activities that help integrate ethnic groups into the community and give low socio-economic groups the opportunity to be physically active.

Initiative: MOVE18

Organisation: MOVE Malta

Target Group: Children and young people between the ages of 8-15 years.

Description: Organised as part of Valletta 2018 European city of culture programme, MOVE Malta seeks to promote Valletta’s rich culture and history through sports and games and ecourage children and young people to use public spaces for play.

Initiative: Fair Play Football Road Show

Organisation: Oltalom Sport Association, Hungary

Target group: People living on the periphery, youth from broken families, often with behavioural problems, and with little or no education, Roma people, homeless people.

Description: An all-year-round Fair Play Football Road Show (training sessions) and Tournament held in Hungary’s most disadvantaged areas.

Initiative: Weigh to go

Organisation: South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Scotland, UK

Target group: Adults over the age of 16 living in South Lanarkshire who are currently above a healthy weight range and/or not currently achieving the government recommendations for weekly physical activity.

Description: Weigh to Go is a population based adult weight management programme developed and delivered in partnership by NHS Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture to educate and motivate individuals to lead a healthier, more active and balanced lifestyle.

Initiative: Let’s do sport

Organisation: UBAE Foundation, Spain

Target group: Young people aged 14-18 years from schools in disadvantaged areas who are not already involved in recreational sports programmes.

Description: “Lets do sport” uses the practice of physical exercise in a group as a way of preventing drug use and promoting a lifestyle with rich and diverse leisure time.

Initiative: Le projet senior, un projet de territoire

Organisation: UFOLEP, France

Target group: Seniors in retirement homes or who have never really practiced physical activity and live in rural areas

Description: Training for UFOLEP staff to help them deliver activities that attract and retain seniors.